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Manpower Outsourcing
SHANVI  offers temporary and contract staffing to clients in the telecom, consumer goods and services, financial services. This covers deputing the resources for a term, managing their payroll, managing employee and employer HR services, employee performance assessment and training services. These “deputees: or “associates” are typically for front and back office operations, frontline sales and market promotion; routine finance and accounts, human resources operations, projects, Software development, network administration and facilities management

All deputees will be on SHANVI rolls and are provided with all the benefits of a regular employment with a professional organization using best HR practices fully compliant with labour laws. SHANVI FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES understands the importance of being abreast of new changes in the various statutes related to employment and has specific teams specializing in compliances monitoring.

Most importantly, SHANVI has the domain expertise and technology capabilities to manage the HR of large head counts as we have our own fully web enabled and workflow enabled HRMS integrated with wireless messaging.
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